I. Scholarship Program

Education is a fundamental human right and is essential for every person become better citizens. Scholarship program is one of the CSR initiatives of the Brookside Group through the Antonio and Carolina Ho Foundation, Inc. or popularly known as “Brookside Foundation”. Students in public elementary and high school from low-income households from the municipality of Bamban and Capas in the province of Tarlac are the target beneficiaries of the scholarship grant wherein the only requirement is their eagerness to pursue their educational goals.

Since 2006 up to 2019, around 400 indigent students were granted scholarships and 94 determined students graduated in high school under the program despite the lack of financial support from their families and continue to soar high in achieving their dreams and to inspire younger students who are next in line.


II. Partnership with Mega DATRC

Collaboration is one of the six core values of Brookside Group of Companies, which reminds us we will not thrive without recognizing one another’s strengths and efforts.     The Brookside community in partnership with the Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (MDATRC) considered aftercare as an essential program to ensure that their clients who graduated from the facility will become gainfully employed and reside outside of the communities where they became drug dependent.

The Brookside Group serves the purpose of employing a well-deserved individual from the rehabilitation center and provide an avenue by which the company can take part in the government’s drive to stamp out drug abuse. 

III. Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Operations

People behind the Brookside Group of Companies are strongly committed to working together and supporting each other in every way possible during this critical period filled with uncertainty. Grounded on corporate social responsibility (CSR), Brookside responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to support its vital stakeholders such as employees and communities as a whole through CSR initiatives.

  • Distribution of relief packs for the employees
  • Giving of pork meat and trays of eggs to their families
  • Donating of live hogs, chickens, fresh eggs and penoy in targeted communities   

IV. Health & Safety Programs

Brookside Group of Companies is promoting positive wellbeing of its employees by providing health and safety programs on mental and physical aspects that will sets them up to perform well at work.

  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Flu Vaccine for employees