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Brookside Farm Corporation

In 1982, Brookside Farms Corporation (BFC) was organized by the Ho Family to operate a piggery farm in Tarlac. To start the business, the shareholders purchased a 13-hectare former sugarcane plantation in Bamban, Tarlac, as a site for its piggery operations. BFC began with just 50 sows, which is considered a small operation.

Initially, BFC was operated through internally generated funding provided by a Japanese restaurant that the Ho Family operated in Malate, Manila at that time. By the hard work of the founders, prudent money management, and a desire to see the progress of the business and those who rely on Brookside for livelihood, Brookside operations grew steadily in the last thirty six (36) years from a small commercial operation to one of the most prominent agri-livestock players in Central Luzon to date.


RH Farm Corporation

As the operations of Brookside Farms Corporation grew in the 80s and 90s, the founders decided to expand their piggery operations by opening another farrow to finish site in a 20 hectare land they purchased in Capas, Tarlac. They incorporated RH Farms Corporation (RH) in 1994 to own and operate the Capas piggery facility. By 2005, RH Farms Corporation became the breeding and farrowing facility that supplies weanlings to Brookside Farms Corporation, which would later be grown as market hogs.


Brookdale Farm Corporation

Also in 1994, the founders saw opportunities in the poultry business and decided to venture into layer breeding operations by establishing Brookdale Farms Corporation in a 10 hectare property located in Bamban, Tarlac. Today, Brookdale Farms Corporation is the 3rd largest supplier of layer breeds in the Philippine market, carrying two (2) premium breeds, namely, Babcock and Shaver. What sets Brookdale apart from its competitors is not just the quality of breeds that it carries, but also its team of dedicated and renowned experts in layer breeder operations that provides timely and personalized technical, veterinary, nutritional, and business advice to commercial layer operators.


Poultrypure Farm Corporation

In 2007, Poultrypure Farms Corporation, a 20 hectare commercial layer farm was established by the Ho Family in Bamban, Tarlac. It has the potential to dominate the market, which is made possible largely because of the availability of top quality breeder layers from its sister company, Brookdale Farms Corporation. Next in the horizon, Poultrypure will venture in egg processing by manufacturing egg products such as powdered eggs, pasteurized eggs, egg based pastries and ice cream.


Brookside Breeding & Genetics Corporation

Brookside Group’s swine division understands and values the importance of genetic integrity to ensure high health, sustainable and productive farming. In 2014, the Group established Brookside Breeding and Genetics Corporation (BBGC), a 10 hectare nucleus farm located in Capas, Tarlac, composed of pure-bred great grand-parent and grand-parent stocks imported from Europe, to enable the Company to have a continuous and self-sufficient supply of parent stock for its operations and future expansion plans. BBGC also has enough production to supply other farmers with grand-parent and parent stocks.


Fonte Fresca Food, Inc.

FonteFresca Foods, Inc. is a BRAND TO WATCH OUT FOR! It may be the youngest company in the group, but certainly has the greatest potential to realize the mission of Brookside Group of Companies to uplift lives by producing world-class, yet affordable for the Filipino household.

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